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and movement a new focus after dismantling many of the encampments over the past several weeks. >>> texas -- in texas a shooting aboard an amtrak train andate a dallas union station involvesplain clothes narcotics officer and a suspect. it happened aboard the texas eagle waiting to depart for chicago. the officer and bystander are expect to be okay. >>> an elderly woman says she was strip searched at jfx airport. she is one of thee women who complained about the screening processs at the airport. she says agents took her to a private area and checked a bulge in the colostomy bag and says the experience left her shaking and filling degrated. >> it's a sweatshirt on just sweat pants and i moved around and looked at my bag and the other woman was watching it. and i said donned touch it you have dirty hand don't come near me. and that's how it went out. >> the tsa says the incident involving is under review. >>> here's one brave store clerk. he sways cleaning the shop what man armed with a knife yell at him and began to demand cash e stood up and punched the accused robber twice. the clerk go
at ravens stadium had all of their winter gear on. you will need it tonight. a storm is brewing in texas bringing snow to the western panhandle. it is unbelievable that is where it is selling rather than anywhere else in the country. bwi marshall has light wind out of the west. we will see mostly clear skies and dry for santa's sleigh. it will be in the 30's and the downtown area. the full forecast is coming up. >> the rush is on to get last- minute gifts under the tree. if you are a procrastinator, you are not alone. millions hit the malls today searching for the final gift to make the holiday break. >> it is the most wonderful time of the year -- unless you have not finished your christmas shopping. >> i woke up and was really nervous. i ran out the door and decided to put a target. >> the mad dash began before dawn at stores across this great land of ours. for some, there is a method to the small madness -- mall madness. >> chances are if you waited to the last minute, you will get terrific deals. >> this year, a small electronics are a big hit. air jordans are flying off the shelf. u
for the white house calling him, quote, mature and reasonable, not a bomb-thrower. bush, a texas resident, told the paper while he likes rival candidate and texas governor rick perry, he says he's, quote, not surging forward. while bush's comments were not a formal endorsement, they still give an important boost to the romney campaign less than two weeks before the iowa caucuses. >>> overseas where a deadly crackdown by syria's government has continued without let up, despite the arrival of arab league delegates. human rights activists say at least six people were killed in fresh attacks by government forces yesterday. amateur video shows black smoke and flames in one syrian city after alleged shelling by president al assad's forces. arab league arrived thursday ahead of monitors to assess whether the government is complying with a peace initiative. reports coming in from state-controlled syrian tv this morning which says, quote, terrorists, unquote, have attacked security facilities in damascus. >>> a look at other stories making news early today in america. police have tracked down a group of
. it's been a very wet weekend, unfortunately. areas like louisiana and eastern texas, we've had snow this weekend, actually. lubbock up towards amarillo and north texas, this storm will be the one that's going move up the eastern seaboard, mostly as a big rain event starting today through tomorrow into wednesday morning. the backside of that, though, could have a little bit of snow. so as far as the radar goes this morning, rain still falling in areas of louisiana. now it's getting heavier in areas of mississippi. as the storm tracks pretty much an inland track up through central new england, the back side of the storm should have a little bit of snow. we're talking ohio possibly western new york. you could end up with white stuff tomorrow into tomorrow night. for today, we're pretty good in the east coast, just a lot of rain in the deep south. that's a look at your national forecast. now here is a look at the weather outside your window. rally, north carolina, beautiful day today. in the mid 50s with a lot of sunshine. boston, mid 40s is pretty nice. it will be windy this morning be
fallen back into a dead heat with former massachusetts governor mitt romney, both with 30%. texas congressman ron paul came in a distant second with 15%. meanwhile, that same poll found that while most americans still disapprove of president obama's handling of the economy, his overall approval rating is at its highest since march at 49%. >>> with uncertainty surrounding the future in north korea this morning, mourners are paying their last respects to their late supreme leader, kim jong-il. the long-time ruler's body has been laid out for a week-long viewing. kim jong-un joins top north korean officials. last night secretary of state hillary clinton urged the north korean people to pursue a new path of peace, prosperity and engagement. >>> back here at home, parts of the southwest and central plains are getting hammered by a deadly snowstorm that's unleashed heavy snow and fierce winds. blizzard conditions are being blamed for two deaths in colorado while whiteout conditions are making for treacherous travel in new mexico, oklahoma, and northwestern kansas. in the texas panhandle
and another piece of energy to the south. cold air all the way into texas. and the ingredients coming together for the first snow of the season. we will talk about that in a moment. but we will go 60s today and periods of rain heavier this afternoon and tonight. 5:10. here's angela with traffic. >> reporter: you are getting more information on this pretty serious accident this morning. heading in from bowie or crofton on route 3 crane highway traffic is stopped temporarily. they have all lanes blocked as they try to clear the tractor trailer incident near 450. so use extra caution and plan for delays if you need to travel in that area. no planning for delays on the west side of 695 as we look live at maryland 144 frederick road. also traveling southbound 95 just north of maryland 100 your southbound lanes crowded up as you head towards the capital beltway. charley. >>> 5:10. in health news renewed controversy over the morning after pill. plan b could be available on store shelves for anyone to purchase. right now it's available over the counter if you have proof that you are at least 17. food
, snow in western texas, we've got thick fog this morning. it's december 5th, we don't have snow around, with our date with destiny but fog. >>> dense patchy fog out this as you navigate on your morning commute. one accident in the city, we will have complete details straight ahead. ♪ i must have the wrong house. sister? we missed you. they waited up all night for you, you know. it's a long way from west africa. [ inhales deeply ] he's here. i brought you something. [ chuckles ] really? ♪ [ chuckles ] what are you doing? you're my present this year. ♪ the best part of wakin' up ♪ is folgers in your cup ♪ write "you're pretty." you're pretty! ♪ i think he hurt his tibia. what's a tibia? [ female announcer ] cards are not for sending. ♪ they're for bringing us together. this holiday, select cards come postage-paid. >>> time for your news to go, fog is the headline. let's check in with meteorologist justin berk. >> weather making headlines across the nation. watching the storm, that's the storm that brought the rain to the cleveland area, for the ravens game. ex
be fall but parts of texas are look like a winter wonderland. look at the pictures from midland. about 2 1/2 inchesch snow have fallen-- inches of know have fall enand more is expected today -- fallen and more is expected todayched conditions are perpocket for snowball making. -- today. conditions are perfect for snowball making. >> a winter storm warning and storm across new mexico turning that state into a sheet of ice. that's making it tough for drivers to get around. these image out of albuquerque. people who live there say it's been a while since they have seen weather like this and until temperatures warm up the dangers on the road likely to not go away. >>> nasa makes an out of the world discovery a pays agency is located -- a space agency located a planet called a habitable zone. water can exist making life possible. the agency says planets nearly 2 1/2 times the size of earth and 600 light-years away. >>> you know it seems like bizarre world. texas and new mexico snow flooding in memphis and we have mild rain and no cold temperatures and there's a history. december 5th we get snow
. the weather is improving on the eastern seaboard. from texas into georgia, you see a new storm of developing. that will make a beeline for us tomorrow. we have a range chance tomorrow. details on that forecast is coming up in just a minute. our temperatures this morning have not dropped into the 30's. mostly in the 40's this morning. we will look at the weather details in just a minute. >> thank you. good morning. a lot of folks trying to make those returns this morning. we have one problem in kingsville. a closure at harford road. enclosures because of fire department activity. 57 on the north side through parkville. problem free towards the harrisburg expressway. 50 on the outer loop as you make your way past 75. a smooth start on 70. in nice start if you travel across the bay bridge. wind warnings are in effect. the bay bridge is running smoothly. no delays to and from the eastern shore. this is the fort mchenry. 95 in the southbound direction, no delays. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> someone in maryland will cop a new millionaire. the winning ticket for the christmas day pow
overnight in areas of kol koshlgs lots of heavy rain in eastern texas which we're still in the middle of the historic drought so we'll take any downpours we can get. will make for a wet commute in areas of shreveport into arkansas. you can see the plume here, houston, looks like you'll be in the mid- of this heavy rain through your morning rush hour. also, during the day today, new orleans, all of mississippi will get soaked and even tennessee as this plume of moisture continues to move to the northeast. in is the snow up here. it came down through the front range. it's not widespread but through the front range it's definitely a good snowfall. denver, this is in the sweet spot where you're picking up 6 to. that drive down i-25 is rough this morning. just light snow out there in areas of kansas. eventually, the storm is heading for new mexico. albuquerque, only an inch or two are for you. the hill country, any elevations will see a significant storm out of this. notice a little snow our computers are painting here up through northern, maybe central new england. that will be tomorrow m
the keystone pipeline that would run from canada to texas. when february comes to an end, so does the tax cut extension. a comprehensive breakdown of what is to come is on be sure to click on project economy. >> he made the announcement to retire earlier today as part of a deal with premium capital fund. it will infuse $36 million into the cash strapped a bank. he launched the first mayor lender after winning a shareholders' battle in 1991 to take over baltimore bank. the president will now serve as interim ceo. >> at this hour police are investigating a double shooting in southwest baltimore. two men were shot on was lexington street around 3:45 and to take into a nearby hospital. there are no word on his conditions or identities. meanwhile the search continues for a suspect after a double shooting in east baltimore. it happened before 7:30 on north rose street. we are told officers found a 25- year-old man with a gunshot wound to the hand and a later founded 19-year-old woman with a anshot wound to the pobuttox couple of blocks away. in dallas people camped out overnight. in ind
mexico and texas. it will cost a blizzard for eastern colorado and western kansas. it will track north and east but stays to war west. we will stay in the mild air. upper 40's tomorrow with mostly cloudy skies. a better chance for some heavy rain on wednesday. high of 55 on thursday. upper 40's into the weekend. a slight chance for rain every day. >> thank you. fund in the snow knows no boundaries. we'll show you proof. >> we are still taking your answers to our water cooler question of the day. what's the worst gift you ever received, and what happened to it? you can share your response at and on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail to >> the first sand sculpture compotation in indonesia. the first of its kind -- san sculpture competition. the second takes people on its four around the world to london's big ben. 2,400 tons of sand were used to make the sculptures. >> everybody likes to play in the snow. 0 some pandas -- these are some pandas that began the day rolling in the snow. snow is part of their natural environment. altitudes of 5,000 feet,
. this is the cold air in the northern part of the country. a storm pushing into texas. this will create a blizzard for parts of texas in two western kansas. we will keep our eyes on the storm. there are some problems in the midsection. a chance for snow in denver. the entire central portion of the nation will be running slow as that powerful storm heads our way. we expect the storm to pass to our north. temperatures will be warming ahead of the storm. we're expecting it to be a rain event. there could be some heavy snow on the backside. back into the meat 30's across baltimore. upper 50's tomorrow. mostly cloudy skies. that storm system stays 2 or number. we get into the milder air -- that storm system saves to our north. be fairly rainy on wednesday as the storm passes to wear number. we will see storm chances every single day -- passes to our north. >> aaa estimates over 5 million people will travel by air this holiday season. there are steps you can take to make sure your trip is says stress free as possible. >> you may have some extra baggage or people, it pays to do as the experts do and trav
the case. >> reporter: in austin, texas, electrician larry scoggins pawned his tools. >> just getting a loan. >> reporter: what are you doing with it? >> i'll try to buy a gift for my mother with it. >> reporter: someone hands over a valuable. it's collateral for the loan. interest rates vary from 20% to more than 200%. which is why sometimes the owners never return. it's just too expensive to pay off the loan. so that collateral goes up for sale. flat screen tvs like these -- us used, of course -- sell for as little as $60. >> they would be shopping in walmart and target. this year they are shopping here. >> reporter: ensuring even when money is tight the must have saddle under the tree come christmas morning. kerry sanders, nbc news, austin, texas. >> saddle up. when we come back, do you believe in miracles? one woman's incredible stroke of luck -- or was it skill? [ male announcer ] imagine facing the day with less chronic low back pain. imagine living your life with less chronic osteoarthritis pain. imagine you, with less pain. cymbalta can help. cymbalta is a non-narcotic treatme
things are going. >> reporter: then, there's texas congressman, ron paul. >> something has to change. something will change. >> reporter: who has a strong organization in iowa. and got a boost from state senator kent sorensen, an influential tea party figure. left michele bachmann's campaign to sign up for team paul. >> ron paul is in the top tier. and i'm here to help him. >> reporter: michele bachmann says that ron paul would be a dangerous president. and jon huntsman called him unelectable. sunny and dan? >> wow. definitely a war of words going on there, tahman. turning to romney now. if he wins iowa, how would that shape this whole nomination fight? >> reporter: a victory for romney in iowa would be huge. keep in mind that he has almost a 30-point lead in new hampshire, the next state to vote. and iowa voters, the caucusgoers there are very conservative. and the romney campaign would love to show he has patched up problems among conservatives in the republican party. and make it seem there's a steady drum beat to the nomination. and that romney is the inevitable nominee. >> days
's barn after escaping on a texas freeway. the runaways, named comet and dancer, were en route to visit a school, when the trailer door opened in rush hour traffic. of a flood of 911 calls, they were safely corralled. >> even reindeer just want to enjoy the holiday. >>> now, for a look at morning road conditions on your friday. icy on i-90, from erie, pennsylvania, to buffalo. also, slick on i-40, from raleigh to little rock. i-10, from baton rouge, to san antonio. and i-20, across texas. windy conditions in southern california. >> and if you're flying, just a couple weather-related airport delays. los angeles and houston. >>> chicago bears' wide receiver, sam hurd, is behind bars this morning, facing some pretty serious drug charges. >> he was arrested during an undercover sting operation wednesday night and accused of setting up a drug dealing network. prosecutors say he was looking to buy $700,000 of cocaine and marijuana a week. the investigation lasted yast year in texas. hurd says he is innocent. >>> two former penn state officials accused of stone walling a complaint about the se
's republicans favor the former speaker. mitt romney and ron paul in a distant second place. texas governor, former front-runner rick perry seven points behind them. 43% believe gingrich has best experience compared to gop rivals. 29% say he can beat president obama. >> trying to build on the momentum. gingrich here in the big apple for a closed door meeting with donald trump. with more about this unlikely political alliance here is abc's jake tapper with your voice, your vote. >> reporter: riding a wave of poll numbers and publicity, former house speaker, newt gingrich visited donald trump in manhattan. where he continued to talk changing t changing. >> i suggested to donald trump that he adopt a program of apprentices and take one of the poorest schools in new york city and create ten apprenticeships paid for part-time work. and he liked the idea a lot. he understooped whatd what i wag at. >> reporter: some republicans dispair ij the role played by trump. reality star and he fosters a circus like atmosphere. not newt. >> don add trump is a great businessman. we have to be open to new ways
storm, lines through texas with texas and new mexico getting snow, the cold side on the backside that will charge up this system and we will be watching the for the entire week. most of the rain locked back in ohio, cleveland and ravens had to play in yesterday, it's locked back. there another day on this december 5th, that is often our snow day, our date with destiny not this year. 38 baltimore. thick fog in the county. hour by hour, a foggy issue, mostly cloudy. southerly winds, that's not mostly sunny, that should be mostly cloudy for about 60, 2- degree guarantee. rain and snow this week in a moment. for the first time in a couple of years, i get to say, good morning to angela foster. >> our first look at traffic this morning, as justin mention wed are dealing with a lot of fog out there. be prepared for reduced visibility, as you head out on the roadways this morning, no major traffic incident report sod far as we get a live look, see the very heavy fog on our roadways, no accidents reported around the beltway. reduced visibility due to the fog. a live look now at the jfx,
with the elderly victim because she owed him money for the work he had done. disturbing there. >>> a texas high school championship game celebration came to a painful ending at cowboys stadium. the winning coach was among seven people mowed down by a run away electric cart after the title game. all the injuries were minor and it's still unclear how the unmanned vehicle became moving under its own power. >>> and finally, santa had an unforgettable gift for one young boy in kansas. moments after he told st. nick he wanted his dad home for christmas, the 3-year-old's father popped out of a nearby box. dad is home on leave after serving two tours in iraq and redeploys in january. >>> now for a look at your national and regional weather, here is nbc meteorologist bill karins with the weather channel forecast. good morning to you, bill. >> that's the way to travel back from the war zone, on santa's sled, it's fast. >> he has an in on the air space. >> especially if you're in that box the whole trip. >> good morning, everyone. hope you had a wonderful weekend. major winter storm, one with of the first
of snow across new mexico and several inches in west texas. >> a snowy 21 in albuquerque. just 14 in fargo. 21 in minneapolis. 34 in kansas city. a mild 61 here in new york. and 52347 boston. >> a balmy 61 for the beginning of december. >> not bad for december. >>> some of the biggest names show business deseended on washington, d.c. for the kennedy center honors. >> meryl streep and barbara cook were just two of the winners. caroline kennedy was serenaded by smoky robinson. >> she's probably had a lot of people sing that over the years. >> she's enjoying it i think. >> makes you wonder. how many times has she had that has sung to her? >> so many. >> not with a crowd like that. >>> coming up, jerry sandusky speaks out about the sexual abuse allegations leveled against him. >>> also major changes coming to the u.s. postal sefrss. what it means for your mail delivery. >>> and how this car crashed through a san diego restaurant leaving customers get up to a one hundred percent scholarship to college. and up to sixty-thousand dollars in assistance. get paid to learn valuable job skills. maybe
, to texas. heavy rain, east of dallas, snow west of dallas and snow here, a sign of energizing system, pulling up the front, repeat the pattern later that could be important for us and taste of winter. we are headed to the system, pulling in moisture in terms of fog, 39 but watch the visibility at richie highway and glen burnie. you are going to see it go blank, see street lights. that's improving the fog, tough to see the street lights and traffic signals and signs. 60 degrees this afternoon. angela phos foster is here this morning. >>> the despite the foggy conditions ax nice flow of traffic for you out there. no incidents to report as you make your way on the jfx, a live look of i-83, west 41st street. traffic moving well as you make your way on the southbound lanes in to the downtown areach more activity along the topside of the beltway. looking good for those on the harrisburg, southbound 83, from shawan, down to 695. taking you five minutes, southbound 95, 6 minutes from white marsh to the beltway. >>> 100 people mostly senior citizens, forced out of homes because of a fire may
't know the mother from texas it's just a matter of everyone kind of pulling together and saying it's ok, don't feel bad about it and everybody has to feed their baby. >> we're here to offer our services to educate employees and other people and let them know you can't treat people that way. >> meanwhile, start also says it will inform all employees about the company's breast feeding policy. corrine redmond, abc2 news. >>> check out the new video out of new mexico. diners got a surprise when a sheriff's deputy crashed his car into the patio. the group standing outside waiting for a table just moments earlier. police say the deputy was on his way to a call when he was hit by another vehicle causing that cruiser to spin out, hit a snow bank and flip over. no one was seriously hurt. >>> witnesses say a driver plowed into one another after a colorado subdivision. when done the neighborhood looked like a war zone. carlos ayala, 40, witnesses say plowed into at least five cars. driving on several flat tires and bare rim. he was charged with criminal mischief and resisting arrest. no word yet o
. >>> authorities say two dogs escaped a yard and went into a neighbor's property in texas. where two horses were injured. doctors say the horses are expected to survive the incident is under investigation. >>> and frightening moments for a family in rhode island when a baby fell into a bucket of baur and bleach. authorities say the mother found the baby's head sub merged. rescue workers -- things didn't look too good. >> i heard screaming and then i heard the sirens come and then i just saw them pull the baby out with just a baby. didn't look good. i was worried. >> authorities are treating this as an accident. they say the boy is in the hospital and has shown signs of improvement. >>> verizon is making big changes after announcement yesterday caused a lot of outrage. yesterday they wanted to add a $2 convenience fee for credit card payments over the phone and on line. now the company is scrapping that plan. the statement today says feedback prompted the decision to develop the idea. >>> most folks will remember 2011 because of the crazy weather we had and we had a lot of it. >> when you think a
across kansas and the texas panhandle to allow crews to clear snow and treacherous patches of ice. snow drifts were up to 10 feet high. >>> well, now here's a look at other stories making news early today in america. los angeles police rushed in to rescue a 4-year-old little girl who was allegedly kidnapped by her father. the suspect led officers on a long pursuit after the girl's mother reported the alleged abduction. he was eventually arrested and the girl was not harmed. >>> a flight headed for georgia ended tragically on a new jersey highway. part of a small aircraft scattered after it smashed into the wooded area. the pilot, his wife, their two children and a family friend were killed. >>> holiday tragedy also struck a georgia family in texas when a small plane crash killed all five on board. the pilot, his wife, two children and brother perished in the rural area crash. >>> the winner of a raffle, which gave him a brand new la lamborgini wrecked the car after driving over black ice, only six hours after receiving the key. the car is insured and it will be repaired. you should see
a stand against targets across the country after a breast-feeding mother in texas said she was harassed at the store for breast feeding her baby. the national demonstration was in support for michelle hickman who was nursing her 5-month-old under a blanket when she said target employees began giving her a tough time. the mothers greeted customers as they entered the target stores telling them it's ok to breast feed in public. targets say guests who choose to breast feed in public areas of the store are welcome to do so without being made to feel uncomfortable. >> it takes a lot of mother-to-mother support. even though none of us know the mother from texas it's a matter of, everyone pulling together saying it's ok, don't feel bad about it and everyone has to feed their baby. >> reporter: meanwhile target also says it will inform all employees about the company's breast feeding policy. >>> a georgia neighbor now trying to use the -- we'll get that story? a moment. witnesses say a driver plowed into one car after another in a colorado subdivision. now police are trying to figure out what
diego to phoenix and albuquerque. downpours across texas. freezing rain in the twin cities. madison, and the upper peninsula of michigan. >> 40s from boston to atlanta. a beautiful 8 is in miami. 64 in new orleans. a foggy 39 in seattle and 27 in billings. >>> this is a crucial week in the penn state sex scandal. now developments about a key witness in the case. >>> with all that hang over him like a black cloud, former head coach joe paterno faces a health scare over the weekend. >>> and man's cell phone with shocking video. who is accused of pulling the >>> welcome back, everybody. there are questions this morning about whether the euro euphoria will continue. markets were up on friday. many problems still remain. analysts say it may be just matter of time before investors realize that. >>> we're starting to see some of that on the overseas market this morning. tokyo's nikkei average rose 117 points today. hong kong's hang seng fell 11 points. in london, the ftse opened higher but then turned lower. on wall street, the dow gained 165 points. the nasdaq picked up 20 points. >>> tod
on the west side of dallas texas and western northern texas, snow, that is a sign of a lot of energy riding up the front and take most of the moisture to our north, by the time the boundary reaches us, it loses its steam. the question is what happens did the front stall out? few computer models hinting, which is important, because if the front clears us out, we wind up with a dry mild day. if the storm system develops, this is a wednesday morning time stamp. forward a day, we could be dealing with rain to snow issue on thursday. then that brings in questions, will we get piled up. thick morning fog. fog overnight. sprinkles. hanging upper 40s to 50s. 62 tomorrow, showers developing. 50, rain on wednesday. watching potential, the important word, potential for wintery mix, ending with snow with falling temperatures on thursday. let's check out the traffic now with angela foster. >>> more major incidents to report as you head out this morning, fog is the big story, you are going to follow in surrounding counties as well as on the corridors. no incidents to report. those foggy conditions will slow
. a winter storm has dropped a blanket of snow and ice from colorado to texas. the storm is moving east. southern colorado got several inches of snow. the ice is blamed for a prison van crashe. to 12 inches of snow in the panhandle of texas -- up to 12 inches of snow. the man who confessed to planting a bomb will be sentenced this morning. he confessed to planting the bomb in spokane but it never went off. remote triggering device never got close enough. still photos of kim jong il. he was laid out in a glass coffin as his third son visited the coffin. his father has been on display since his death in 1994. the country will mourn for 11 days. the state funeral will be held december 28. >> the deal is off for what would have created the largest cell phone company in the world. the merger has been taken off the table after stiff opposition from the government. the justice department sued to block the deal. at&t said the country still faces a serious problem with lack of available airwaves. whether you are naughty or nice, ellen braitman has more in the bloomberg business report. >> how do
texas. white chapel united methodist church put on 3d christmas display that consisted of image on the you side of the front building. three -- on the outside of the building.thousands still without power because of high winds across the west. we will show you some of the hardest hit areas as the winds hit close to 100 miles an hour. more on this and justin with weather and a popular fox tv show where you will catch gloria estefan on the small screen now new york for a check of the morning's tech bites. >> reporter: in today's tech bites, the wireless industry says not me. a day after a report about smart phone spying on you, there's carrier iq says the software gathers statistics not personal data. several wireless carriers and equipment makers say the same thing while others say they no longer use it at all. major hard drive makers resumed production after flooding in thailand. the supply may be tight for a wild. and the fitness monitoring bracelet called up checks how active you are and how well you sleep and what you eat. u.s.a today ed gives the apple compatible device an
texas says she was harassed in her local target for breastfeeding her baby. corrine redmond has more on the national nurse-in demonstration. >> reporter: moms across the country went to the target stores for the so-called nurse-in. in response to the treatment of a texas woman who claims target employees harassed her while breastfeeding her baby in the store. the moms organized after the houston-area mom says she was in the women's department at a store near her home, nursing her baby in a covered blanket. she says then the employees gave her a tough time. many mothers saying it's ok to breastfeed. target released a statement saying guests who choose to breastfeed in public areas of the store are allowed to do so without being made to feel uncomfortable. >> i thought nobody should be made to go some place else like a bathroom or something to feed their baby. and it just seems like it's -- i could bottle feed anywhere but just because i happen to be showing my breast or having my breast out even if i'm not showing it i'm supposed to go some place else? doesn't seem right to me. >> re
me guess. i'm assuming she's going to say texas. she's from texas. >> in texas. everything's bigger in texas. my mom was in town visiting last week. she called the trees on the streets here in new york puny. >> this, by the way is the biggest weekend of the year for christmas tree shopping. this morning, we have the secrets from the mall. the stores are reading your mind as you shop. the cameras decode your facial expressions. you'll be shocked to know why they're doing it. they want us to spend more money. >> you went to the mall. i can't wait to see the piece. >>> and the sailors who became internet stars. brightening up the season lip-synching to mariah carey's "all i want for christmas." they're back on land this morning, home for the holidays. we'll tell you what this wild crew is up to. all still ahead. >> they have an incredible story. they were supposed to gout for seven weeks. it turned into seven months. we'll get to their story in a bit. we're going to start with the news. rob nelson is in this morning. >>> a spectacular story. the wild scene in hollywood. a shootout in o
the same storm across the southern tier of the country. it will come to texas where we need it and it will get in the way of holiday travel plans into christmas eve. there is rain and snow in texas. if you're dreaming of a white christmas some of you will get your wish. be careful traveling. interstate 20 and i-10 heads into the southeast by christmas day itself as you unwrap presents from birmingham to atlanta. if you want a white christmas, you will have to head well north. northern new england your best chance for a white christmas and much of the west. very thick snow pack from the rockies down into new mexico where every ski resort in new mexico is open. there is good news if you want to try out the new skis and snowboards this year. back to you. >> a lot of brown on the map. kelly cass, thank you very much. >>> now to the other mad rush playing out at the mall. it was discouraging today to see the lack of holiday spirit on display when a certain coveted sneaker went on sale. people were fighting over sneakers today. across the country retailers went into overdrive tryi
to arizona and new mexico. flurries and freezing rain in the texas panhandle. rainy around laredo and dallas. >> a warm 77 in miami. 53 in new york. upper 30s in detroit and omaha. 30 in minneapolis. a cool 59 in phoenix. 64 in san francisco. and 42 in seattle. >>> well, you may remember that young lady out in california who had lost her dog. >> that's right. arle arlene corona wore a bikini for six days. >> it worked. corona was reunited with her dog who was safe with a school nurse. the dog has a microchip to make sure she is never lost again. the bikini worked. >> i'm not so sure. i'm glad they're reunited. >>> we're just getting started. coming up, why it's actually healthy to swear. >> i'm going to live forever. >>> if you bought tickets from tick ticketmaster, you probably have money coming back to you. part of a huge settlement. >>> and coca-cola changing its can plan after public outcrying different. >>> welcome back, everybody. the markets will be paying pretty close attention this morning to the november jobs report. economists predict the report will say at least 100,000 new jobs
. >>> and in texas, near houston, two reindeer are safe tonight. santa need not worry. after they took an unscheduled trip, no doubt scouting a route for a christmas pageant. they were riding to a school in a trailer when a door opened. they escaped onto the highway. startled drivers called 11. >> there are two loose reindeer on the highway. >> there's two loose reindeer on the highway? >> yes, sir. i know that sounds funny, but they are. >> fortunately, the traffic was stop and go. the reindeer named comet and prancer were not hurt. call it a kind of christmas miracle. >>> still ahead, the science of parking. shoppers packing the malls. and we'll tell you how to beat some other drivers to the very best parking spot. i wanted support for my heart... and now i get it from centrum specialist heart. new centrum specialist vision... helps keep my eyes healthy. centrum specialist energy... helps me keep up with them. centrum specialist prenatal... supports my child's growth and development. new centrum specialist is a complete multivitamin that gives me all the benefits of centrum. plus additional support
, your voice, your vote. at last night's republican debate, one candidate, texas governor rick perry, came out swinging at congress, calling on them to take a big pay cut. but today, we learned something interesting about perry's paycheck. abc's jake tapper explains. >> reporter: governor rick perry is trying ining to blaze a pat making tough budget cuts. raising the age for recipients to receive medicare and social security. and taking on congressional pay. >> the idea that we have congress staying there as many days as they do and the salary they have, that's the reason i call for a part-time congress. cut their pay in half. >> reporter: one problem? financial disclosure forms released today show that perry is hfdouble-dipping in texas. at the same time he's drawing a $150,000 salary as governor, he formally retired this year, to start collecting more than $90,000 a year in a state pensi pension, through the employee retirement system or ers. >> they said, you're eligible to access your retirement now, with your military time and your time in service and, you know, i think it woul
back to the southwest, snow in texas. energizing storm pattern, interesting for us towards the end of the week, whether he get to a mostly cloudy, high of 60. >>> fog as you mentioned. fog all around the area. use extra caution as you head out. a lot of slow traffic on most of our major roadways as we look at i-95 south of white marsh, getting reports of accident clean up in the area. be prepared for brake lights. beltway, jfx, slow traffic in the southbound lane as we look at i-83 here at northern parkway. for a look at news, here is charlie. >>> workers placing water meters all over ballet nor -- baltimore, we will get your chance to see repairs later at 11:00, st thousand homes will receive new water meters, they can be read remotely eliminating the need for workers to travel to homes and replace outdated meters that no longer function properly. back to new york for more of good morning america. >>> country singer mindy mccready caught right in the middle of a family fight over who should take care of her son. not everyone her father and mother can agree on who should have custo
and watch the story. here is your monday forecast. drenching downpours from texas to ohio. moving to the east coast by this evening. thunderstorms from houston to new orleans. heavy snow, new mexico. wind warnings for california. >> can you hear, can't hear what song this is? do you make it out? ♪ it's a sunshine day >> 21, albuquerque. 3, seattle. omaha, 24. detroit, 34. mild in new york. 57 in boston. >> remember this, elvira. gothic hostess of the horror move vie movies. she has a day job. unveiled her new wine. 2008, caberet. elvira's macabre-renet. they turned out to meet the mistress of the dark. the macabrerenet, the first, part of fancy handcrafted wines from california grapes. >> i like the bottle. i may buy it. just a taste. >> what do you bring to a dinner party and say this is from elvira. >> we should have had some to taste. >> sample, sample time. not a bad thing. we'll do that. more "world news now" coming up. ♪ elvira ♪ elvira ♪ [ female announcer ] everybody loves that cushiony feeling. uh oh. i gotta go. [ female announcer ] and with charmin ultra soft, y
to dallas, texas. what does that mean for the kardashian empire. they have all of these, television shows, and these reality shows. now she is going to move. apparently they were just about to undergo ivf treatments they want to start a family. i think out of the three sisters, this is the sister that seems to be most real about her relationship with her husband. she loves him. >> see if they can survive a trip down south to the great state of texas. people saying oprah winfrey's crown is slipping a little bit. one of the show she produces, nate berkus, oprah spin-off. got the ax. last episode in may. we know her network is having trouble ratingswise. some things here. people are wondering is oprah losing her touch. she still has dr. phil, dr. oz, blockbuster ratings and money. we will see. nate is out of there. >> he is a wonderful guy. i have win a guest. he is going to be just fine. he is a designer. desoon coign company. lindsay lohan. on vacation in hawaii. she loses her $5,000, chanel. in her purse, passport, $10,000 in cash. probation paperwork. she has the it back. but $10,000 is
. the troops in that last convoy are from the first calvary division based at ft. hood, texas. marking the historic occasion. you can see the vehicle i took a photograph of earlier. last vehicle out of ish rack. the reason this vehicle was the last one is because it was being used as a medevac vehicle. at the end of the convoy, in case it needed to rescue anyone attacked. but it never did. >> richard, i got to tell you. seems like a lifetime ago, i was at msnbc, you were in iraq as the war began. you have been there virtually nonstop. what are your emotions on this day, watching it come to a close? >> reporter: since we're here with the troops, it's a time for them to reflect on what they've seen. many troops have been here on three, sometimes four tours in iraq. and now they know they are not going to have to go back. some of these troops are thinking ahead that they will have to deploy eventually to afghanistan. but this is a day for the troops for many americans, closure to the iraq war. what happens next remains unclear. a very large u.s. embassy presence, thousands of contractors
. the first major storm of the season had snow from new mexico and the texas panhandle to parts of the midwest. >> -- temperatures are below average for this time of year, but all of that could change. a storm headed this way could be bringing snow. >> this weather is nice. this is doable. >> slightly higher ticket prices. at the same time, airlines have cut back to fill seats. they say that leaves little room for error. >> if something happens, a delayed due to the weather or some type of cancellation -- a delay due to the weather or some type of cancellation, it will be hard. >> i like to be here before the holiday and then home during the holiday. >> for those looking to give or receive a gift of surprise, there are still last-minute deals if you're willing to be flexible. wbal tv 11 news. >> as for holiday shopping, a new report says it is fizzling out, but there is a trend taking off largely because of the internet, last-minute shopping. it is getting even easier to find last-minute deals online, with them lowering prices. one analyst says a reason you will find even more deals is that th
, except for down in texas. we'll talk about the forecast coming up in just a minute. stick around. >> heart patients who don't get enough vitamin c could be at greater risk for cardiac complications and even death. >> 200 patients were studied. those with the lowest vitamin c intake or 2 1/2 times more likely to of heart inflammation than those with the highest vitamin c intake. eating the recommended five servings of fruit and vegetables provides an adequate amount of vitamin c. 3 kiwis a day may keep high blood pressure away. >> they wanted to see if a protein found in the kiwis could keep blood pressure down. researchers say larger studies need to be done before kiwi can be recommended as part of a treatment plan for high blood pressure. >> keith mills will join us in the newsroom with the look of how the ravens beat the browns. >> how regulators plan to stop people from talking or texting while behind the wheel. >> we will check your weather and your morning commu >> now traffic pulse 11 and insta-weather plus together. >> this case you up to date on your morning commute. perh
inside a texas apartment. >> five people are killed during a christmas morning fire. >> this is harford road. we will let you know how your morning comm >> good morning. we have some clouds this morning. downtown the temperature is 46 degrees. relatively mild readings. a bit of a breeze this morning is holding the temperatures up. a little weather disturbance moves through last night. this was up in pennsylvania and new york state and this is moving offshore. there is a storm at the lower left of your screen. you can see some clouds in mississippi and alabama. that is the next storm coming and we will talk about that in just a moment. >> 7 people are found dead inside an apartment near dallas. they were found shot to death. police say it appears as though the family had just exchanged the shooting.ore italic in connecticut is dealing with a tragedy. five members of a family killed in a fire. this is cell phone video. twin girls and a 10-year-old girl and their grandparents were all killed. >> people in florida's west coast in joy like christmas without the snow. people were packed in jo
video of a small plane that crashed in midland, texas. it's believe the pilot was the only person onboard and he walked away with a broken arm. >>> police in milwaukee, wisconsin said an attack on a bus could have been worse if not for other passengers. they start shouting. he gets up, grabs her and hits her face against the window. another passenger took him to the front of the bussments the driver -- bus. the driver sent a silent alarm. the man was arrested. >>> sunny and mild but snowy in arizona. five inches of snow fell in flagstaff. the storm forced the closure of major interstates. by the time the snow is falling, they'll have over a foot of snow. no thank you. >>> is this finally a strong sign of an economic turnaround. the big drop in unemployment numbers. sounds like good news, right? >>> being socially smart while socializing over the holidays. chances are you'll post a picture of your favorite gift. we have a warning before you hit share. >>> today marked the best week for the stock market. the dow jones industrial average closed over 12,000. the nasdaq 2600 and the s&
system is approaching to the west -- full s unshine. we will see a monstrous blizzard from north texas in two western kansas into tonight with a strong winds. if you plan on doing any delaysng, uses tyou could see in denver. temperatures are bouncing back this afternoon. this storm will play a role in our weather pattern. it will pass to our north. when state into thursday. that is good news for us -- when state into thursday. it will keep the rain to the north. if it was going further south, which could be talking about snow. we will see increasing clouds tonight. not as cold. low 40's in the downtown area. mid to upper 50's tomorrow with isolated showers. mostly cloudy skies. as the storm passes to the north and west, will see a milder air move in. the first official day of winter, not too bad, 55. heavy rain possibility on wednesday. colder air and the start to arrive by the christmas holiday -- colder air may start to arrive. >> after helping to negotiate a payroll tax extension. >> some gop leaders are saying not so fast. kate amara has more. >> gop leaders say the house and atake
. >>> cameras roll as a plane crashes into a house in texas. we'll tell you the one injury the pilot walked away from. >>> riders in wisconsin step in after an attack on their bus. >>> you may go out to peck up a christmas tree -- pick up a christmas tree this time of the year. why not try a cut tree. >>> this is the time of year that family and friends gather together. i'll take you to a special gathering. >>> he's been keeping us in suspension. herman cain's campaign. >>> when picking a tree, you wonder about how tall it is and whether this will fit in the house. there's a push to get real ones. >> reporter: for many of us it's time to pick a christmas tree. maryland's department of agriculture wants you to think about a fresh cut tree. >> you're promoting local agriculture, local farmers. you're protecting farmland. >> reporter: they say the reason to protect farmland is trees help the environment. while growing christmas trees produce oxygen and ob sposh -- absorb water that could run into the water. >> it far o the pros of having a fake plastic christmas tree that isñr typicallyxdçói]Ñd
fell in texas. temperatures dropped in new mexico. drivers had to dodge black ice in washington state, some without success and the danger was getting stuck. that's where this guy came in. >> this guy came with a jeep and pulled us out. >> a group of four-wheeled jeep owners volunteered their time rescuing some of the stranded drivers. >>> with the winter weather just around the corner or days away, we are looking for ways to save on our heating bill. we have some tips to help you save money. the better business bureau said make sure the furnace filter is clean, the thermostat is working properly and the pilot light works. you should have the chimney inspected for animal, debris. and check for clutter in glutters. the ridge vents should be cleaned and test the smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors and check for cracking and peeling. >>> wet scenario, always more traffic. a lot of people having a tough time driving in the rain. 62 degrees. we also have the potential for patchy fog, that mist getting thick, visibility seven miles at bwi. you can see it. it's just enough fog and mis
inches of snow to plan coat the great lakes. showers in south florida and south texas. bad air in the pacific northwest. sunny and mild unmost other spots. >> teens and 20s from fargo to chicago. 50s, 60s in the south. lots of 30s and 40s across the rest of the country. >> well people who have nice big driveways and garages might think this next video is nuts. a new york city driver finding a sparking space inches bigger than his car. determined to make it work the he does it with generous tapping of the car in front and back. >> we have all done the bump. done the bump. >> i have didn't. >> a man who looks out on the spot, saw the car wedged in the morning when he came home at night. he checked the security camera to see just how that was possible. >> it is so rude. >> all been there trying to squeeze. >> he went really far with that. >> the rubber bumpers on folks in new york. situation like that. >> bumper guard. >> an invesinvestn'tment -- investment. >> park is tough. it requires skichll. >> yes. we know a place where tossing and turning have given way to sleeping. where s
the tail end of our cold front. looking back over the south. heavy rain in texas back into western tennessee. this will move north and east. another storm system brewing out towards the planins. snowing currently in denver. they will pick up another 8 inches of snow. they will enjoy a white christmas. we will talk about the christmas forecast in just a bit. no problems this morning at the airport. no problems in d.c. either. we have a storm system building back into the south. we have snow back in the plailns from denver to the midwest. let's talk about the temperatures. 73 in miami. 63 in atlanta. 40's in parts of the south. some very cold air is coming in behind that secondary cold front. we are starting off in the 40's and 50's and will be heading close to 60 this afternoon. about 15 degrees above normal. today is the first day of winter. temperatures around 52 in the western mountains. southern pennsylvania gets the rain late in the afternoon. as for baltimore, that holds off until tonight. the ground is very wet. some fog could form. highs into the 60's this afternoon. the sto
system down in texas and mississippi and back into arkansas and oklahoma is coming our way and that is tomorrow's weather. our view came from the grand hotel in ocean city, that beach view. everybody will be affected as that storm moves through tomorrow. partly cloudy skies today. still a bit breezy and the wind coming from the northwest at about 10 to 15 miles per hour. 45 to 50 degrees. still -- the sun is still setting before 5:00 p.m. a northwest wind, 10 to 15 knots for boaters in the bay. dry weather today. tomorrow, we will be cloudy in the morning and then will pick up some rain chances in the late morning and afternoon chances. we dry out. maybe some snow in the mountains, minor accumulations in garrett county and allegany county. wheat dry out for the middle of the week. in the 40's -- we dry out. wednesday and thursday look dry. closer to 50 on friday. another weather system skipping by the area. a small chance for a chance of scattered showers by the end of the week. >> somewhat in maryland will cop in maryland as a new millionaire. the winning ticket for the pa
in texas pays a parking ticket for more than five decades ago. he got a ticket back in 1953. he recently found that ticket while going through old keepsakes and it wanted to clear his conscience by paying the fine. >> it is only a dollar an almost 60 years old. but it still remains a debt. i believe that debts should be paid. >> he paid the mayor the fine and the mayor excepted even though he said the traffic violations was thrown out a long time ago. 6:19. 52 degrees on tv hill. new diet motivation. keeping your self-taught hand it can help you shed those holiday pounds. don't forget to e-mail us your response to our water cooler question of the day. -- keeping your cell phone handy. are you more optimistic about the economy for 2012? you can share your response at and on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail to here is a look at last night's winning maryland lottery numbers. >> now traffic pulse 11 and insta-weather plus together. >> good morning. kim dacey checking on your morning commute. would have one problem spot, the report of a crash on the i
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